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About Hawkins, Hawkins & Burt LLP


      The firm has been continuously engaged in the practice of law in Daytona Beach, Florida, for over 65 years.  The Genesis of the firm was the practice begun by A.E. Hawkins (1883 to 1945.)  A.E. Hawkins was admitted to the practice of law in Alabama and Georgia in 1906. He was elected as Circuit Solicitor for the 9th Circuit of Alabama in 1916. He became a Circuit Judge in 1928.  Judge Hawkins retired from the bench and engaged in private practice in Fort Payne, Alabama until his death.
      Alfred E. Hawkins (1918 to 2011) had briefly joined his father, Judge Hawkins, in practice before Judge Hawkins’ death.  Alfred E. Hawkins was admitted to the Alabama Bar in 1943 and to the Florida Bar in 1946.  The firm’s Florida practice was begun when Alfred E. Hawkins moved to Daytona Beach in 1946.

      Donald E. Hawkins joined his father and began practice in 1971. They were joined by David A. Burt in 1994 and continued practice under the firm name, Hawkins, Hawkins and Burt LLP.   Alfred E. Hawkins retired in 1998.

      David A. Burt had most recently been house counsel for Ormond Reinsurance Group and previously practiced with Landis, Graham, French, Husfeld, Sherman & Ford, P.A. 

Alfred E. Hawkins 
A.E. Hawkins